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Mar 14th 2024

Why trust a coded boat?

All our Charter Suppliers for RIBS, Powerboats, Axopars, Motorboats and Superyachts are fully insured and coded.

What Does This Mean?

MCA stands for Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

The code of practice applies to all small (under 24m) vessels, carrying less than 12 passengers and used for commercial purposes, operating within British waters or under a British Flag.

This means that when you charter a boat through us, you know you are in the safe knowledge that the charter boat is officially able to carry passengers to meet legal requirements.

What Happens if I Charter a Non-Coded Boat?

There are many ‘charter operators’ which claim to be coded but are in fact not.

When you step aboard a boat with your friends, family, and colleagues, you want to know you’re in safe hands, with qualified responsible professionals who will know exactly what to do in the event of an accident or incident.

When we book a holiday, we often opt for ATOL and ABTA protected.

Just like ATOL and ABTA, coding gives us reassurance that ourselves and loved ones are in capable safe hands and a vessel which has been inspected and passed the necessary legal requirements to be an official coded charter boat.

With all forms of transport, nothing is without risk, which is why the MCA have enforced coding on vessels to protect those enjoying time out on the water.

Passengers are insured whilst on a coded boat, belongings are not insured unless specified.

We annually check all our charter supplier’s documentation to support their coded vessel, which is another reason to book through a us, so you don’t have to.

Let’s Highlight Some Key Facts…

If you pay for a charter boat, you are entitled to ask to see coding and insurance documents.

If a company refuses, then we would not recommend chartering with them, because the chances are they are not officially coded or insured.

If you are chartering a skippered charter, your skipper should be commercially endorsed with experience and qualifications to operate the type of boat you are to charter.

We check all skipper qualifications and endorsements, so you don’t have to.

What is a Commercially Endorsed Skipper?

To be approved to work commercially on a boat a skipper is to meet a certain standard enforced by the MCA and RYA. The RYA is the Royal Yachting Association.

The charter skipper will often hold many extra qualifications, depending on the vessels they work on. The minimum required for a commercially endorsed skipper are;

ENG1 or ML5 medical, a certificate to prove the skipper is fit for work.

An RYA commercially endorsed certificate to prove the skipper has the knowledge and skill to operate the vessel they are endorsed for. Original certificates for sail and power, First Aid and radio licence, form part of the commercial endorsement certificates required.

PPR-Professional Practices and Responsibilities course. A course to test a skipper’s knowledge and legal environment they will be working under.

A Sea survival certificate, so your skipper knows exactly what to do in any given situation where passengers are to be rescued from the water.

Our Promise to You.

All our charter suppliers provide a qualified, experienced commercially endorsed skipper.

We carefully select our charter suppliers and personally meet them to review all documentation annually.

We want our customers to know when they book through us, their safety is paramount with peace of mind to enjoy a day out on the water.

TO BOOK a RIB, Powerboat, Axopar or Superyacht charter, please contact us here.

E: info@all-deckedout.co.uk
T: 01425 621072

We are based in Lymington, Hampshire and cover the South Coast, UK

For more information about the MCA- Maritime Coastguard Agency or the RYA- Royal Yachting Association, please visit the links below.